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The tutorials listed below can only be used if you are creating your level using TRNG.
TRNG is an updated version of the original TRLE, called NGLE, and it has its own tomb4.exe.
TRNG allows for a whole lot of new possibilities for both gameplay and graphics.

Remember that when you are using TRNG, you can also use the TRLE tutorials above.

TRNG – For beginners: introducing the main level building tasks, to motivate you

The NGLE Encyclopedia
The NGLE Encylopedia by AkyV is a complete NGLE reference manual in pdf format (550Kb).
The reference manual was made using TRNG The above link also contains an addendum for TRNG

TRNG Tutorial Level Package
Four levels built with the TRNG which you can study and use. Includes maps, textures and WADs (194Mb).
The levels were made by Aza, Bedazzled, Tomb Maker and George Maciver.

TRNG Croft Manor Tutorial Package
A level built around Croft Manor for new players so they can learn some of the moves used in custom levels (61Mb).
The manor was made by Cowboy and turned into a tutorial by George Maciver.

TRNG Script Reference Manual
he TRNG script reference manual by AkyV and Stephen Cooper is a complete script reference in PDF format (1.64 MB).

TRNG - NG Center - The Basics

TRNG - Video Tutorials

TRNG – Comparing miscellaneous old (TRLE) and new (TRNG) setups to each other

NGLE Installation

NGLE Beginners Tutorial (Windows 10 2016)

TRNG – How to start building a level?

TRNG - Textures - Animating Basics
TRNG - Textures - Animating Advanced
- Two tutorials on how to work with animating textures in NGLE/TRNG.

NGLE - The New Stuff, compared to the original TRLE
NGLE - Help Menu
NGLE - New Buttons
NGLE - New Features
NGLE - New Techniques to create rooms
NGLE - New Windows and Keyboard Commands
NGLE - New Windows (Part 2)
NGLE - Removing textures
NGLE - Room Geometry and Texturing
NGLE - Room Geometry (Part 2)

We all know the TR4 engine, which is used for the TRLE, is limited. Limited in all sorts of ways but also limited in how much it can render at some given time.
Lots of players experience lagging in custom games, especially in large areas and/or areas stuffed with detailed objects. And even with high-end computers...
Here are a few things you can keep in mind while building your level, things that can reduce lagging, when using large open areas and more detailed textures and objects:
Understanding importance of using small rooms versus big rooms
Optimizing - things we can do to reduce lagging
TRNG - [LOW] Less Objects in World to prevent framerate issue
TRNG – Revealing hidden rooms in the 2D views

TRNG - Animation Command
- This document is a short introduction to Animation command, with some study in depth of TestPosition command and ENV_ITEM_TEST_POSITION condition.

TRNG - Changing Lara's jump physics
- This tutorial shows you how to change Lara's jumping height and distance.
The first part can also be used with the original TRLE/NGLE, but the second part is TRNG only.

TRNG - Lara's State ID codes
- A list with all of Lara's StateID's and their behaviour.

New moves for Lara, interaction with objects other than a regular puzzle- or keyhole, etc.
TRNG - Animation Scripting
- Make all sorts of new moves possible through scripting.
- The tutorial only covers some of the moves that were previously made possible with TREP.

TRNG - Diagonal ledges - hanging from a diagonal ledge
- This tutorial shows you how to build diagonal flat ledges.
- The addendum shows you how you can make Lara grab a diagonal ledge by using parallelbars and TRNG animation scripting.

TRNG - Force Lara to unhand at a polerope's end
- By default Lara keeps climbing even if a polerope has ended, either above or below the placed poleropes.
- This tutorial teaches you how to make poleropes which end, like the poles and stalactites in TRA/TRL/TRU.

TRNG - Underwater - Actions
- This tutorial thread contains multiple examples on how to make Lara interact with objects when she is underwater.

TRNG – Audio and sound special
- A couple of conditions and commands that have to do with (the volume of) audio and sound.

TRNG - Audio: changing the audio when Lara enters a certain environment
- Change the background audio when Lara enters a different environment in which the audio can't be changed through regular triggering.
- The tutorial covers a change of background audio when going underwater.
- This same setup can also be used to change other things when entering a certain environment.

TRNG - New audio engine
- Audio can play at two different channels simulateously, volume can be changed, etc.
- All WAV formats, MP3 and OGG can now be used. No more converting to the lower quality TRLE wav format needed!

TRNG - Removing Hardcoded Audio
- When you’re using an object in the game, sometimes you will hear an unwanted (hardcoded) audio file. This tutorial shows you how to remove that.

TRNG - Getting Sounds to work in V130 Projects

TRNG - Activation and deactivation of cameras
- Using the new (A41, A45) triggers instead of the classic camera triggers, for static/flyby cameras.
- Using the new (A42) trigger instead of the classic TARGET triggers, for static camera targets.
- Using new static camera effects, with F119 or F123 triggers.
- Using demo cutscene cameras, even out of cutscenes.
- Customizing basic (chase, combat, look) cameras.

TRNG - How to create basic in-game cutscenes
- This tutorial is about creating cutscenes using the cutscene features/triggers.

TRNG – Manually turning Lara’s chase camera ingame
- If you would like to turn Lara's chase camera manually ingame.

Change Lara's physics (jumping speed etc), the amount of air in her lungs when underwater, make her scream when on fire, etc.

TRNG - Big fall into water
- By default, if Lara falls into a water pool, she will not be harmed if the water (or quicksand) is deep enough. This tutorial is about making her hurt or even kill her when she makes a deep fall into water.

TRNG – Controlling Lara’s interaction with Moveable objects
- The title says it all... The moveable objects include vehicles, crowbar switch, pulley, falling block, pushable, rope, rollingball, parallel bar, switches.

TRNG - Disabling switches

- How to disable different switch types.

TRNG - Fire: Make Lara scream when on fire
- Ever noticed how Lara never screams when she's on fire? Well, with this tutorial you now can make her scream!

TRNG - Grip Bar Tutorial
- A tutorial on how to accomplish an AOD style gripbar, with Lara having limited strength.

TRNG - Health: TR3 style life energy crystals
- A tutorial on how to make TR3 style health/healing crystals.

TRNG – Some features about Lara hanging
- A tutorial on some "hanging" features: on a climbable wall and a couple of things having to do with Lara hanging on a rope.

TRNG – Inventory: Adjusting/studying a bigger amount of ammo/medipack/flare during the game
- Ever wanted to adjust the amount of items (flares and weapon ammo's) in Lara's inventory? Here's how to do it through some scripting and the use of variables.

TRNG - Inventory: Adjust an upper limit for ammo/medipack/flare

TRNG - Lara floating on air
- A sweet short tutorial with an example on how to make Lara jump further when she is jumping over a hole with a strong updraft.

TRNG - Limited backpack

- If you like the idea that Lara can't move with too many things in her backpack, so she have to drop items if that is too heavy.

TRNG - Underwater - Change the amount of time Lara can stay underwater
- Change the amount of time Lara can stay underwater, either decreasing her air faster or slower.

TRNG – Some special states of Lara
- Some things related to Lara's air, dashing, the mechanical scarab and activating things after Lara is dead (before the jump to the menu takes place).

TRNG - Sounds: Additional sounds for Lara, during a certain status
- Ever wanted to add sounds to Lara which can NOT be assigned to animations? Sounds that Lara will make when she has a certain status (on fire, low air, low health) Some examples.

TRNG - Walking Like Angel of Darkness
- A tutorial on how to create the walking setup like it is in the Angel of Darkness game (without having to hold the walk button the whole time while walking).


TRNG – Making plugins (the basics)

Raymond´s "features you could already have"-thread
- different things have been posted in this thread.
posted Features:
  • reusable puzzle item: post 4, page 1
  • horizontally moving platform: post 16, page 2
  • turnswitch: post 26, page 3 and also post 32-48 on pages 4/5 (especially post 45), see also 86-96, page 9/10
  • intelligent hints in game: post 53, page 6
  • animation commands: post 59, page 6
  • enemy HP-counter (similar to TREP-patch): post 60, page 6
  • Lara on retracting parallel bar: post 67, page 7
  • Using several switches in a certain order: page 10, post 98
  • Avoiding Magical Boboon death: page 10,post 99
  • underwater puzzle/key/switch: post 101, page 11
  • multiple Pressure Plates, which move down a half a click, as Lara steps on them and moves up again to the original position, if Lara leaves them: post 108, page 11
  • Object interaction via an inventory item: post 110, page 11

TRNG – Collision
- a tutorial about the different types of collision that are available within TRNG.

TRNG - Bridge collisions
- With TRNG you can now create different solid shapes for Lara to stand on. You need to use the BRIDGE objects for this. This tutorial shows you how to do this.
Bridge Tilt 3 and 4 - Making Room Geometry Slopes Walkable
- Related to the Bridge Collisions is this sweet setup. It tells you how to make roomgeometry slopes walkable.

TRNG - New Collision Feature
- The main target of this new collision feature is to permit to Lara to walk, climb or monkey on statics and moveable items.
Another usage could be the creation of collisions for the future modelling of 3d room geometry using meta2tr program.

TRNG - Compass: Real time compass display
- This tutorial is NOT about the animating compass you see in the inventory. This tutorial is about an on-screen compass, using sprites.

TRNG – Customizations for humans
- Some customizations for human non-playable character: baddy, guide, horseman and Von Croy.

TRNG - Damage rooms
- The basics on the Damage= script and an example of a cold waterroom.

TRNG - The Detector
- The detector object is a new piece of equipment which Lara can use to locate the position of pickups & enemies in real time..

TRNG – Disable keys, except in menus- A frequent problem of TRNG that you want to disable arrows and CTRL with F51 trigger, so Lara can’t move or shoot or else, but it will also disable the keys in menus, so you can’t scroll etc. menus.

TRNG - End Credits
- Do you want to add credits to the end of your game? Here's how to do it.

TRNG - Fix binoculars bug
- fixes the bug that the binoculars are not visible when Lara is looking in a mirror through the binoculars.

TRNG - Flare customisation
- 1. Tutorial on how to use the Customize=CUST_FLARE, ** script.
- 2. Tutorial about how to add the hissing sound to the flares.

TRNG – Flares/Torch - A couple of interesting torch/flare statuses
- some very interesting stuff about torches and flares in here.

TRNG – Flycheat special
- some things regarding the flycheat which you could find usefull in your level.

TRNG - FMV - Playing an FMV
- FMV's can be used with the TRNG engine. This tutorial tells you more about it.

TRNG - Following Lara's route in the level map
- The player hits Key M (M for map) to open the map where the tip of the pointer (i.e. the middle of the little star object) indicates Lara’s actual position.

TRNG - Hanging Strength for Lara as in Angel of Darkness
- Lara has limited hanging strength in Angel of Darkness. Here's how you can make it work in TRNG.

TRNG - Health Bars: Changing Colour
- With TRNG, we now can change the colours of default tomb4 bars like the air bar, hp bar, loading bar etc with a few simple script commands.

TRNG - Instruction sheets
- Usefull instructionsheets to help you better organize your TRNG stuff, like the script.
- NOTE: link in the tutorial seems to be dead...

TRNG - "Lara's Home" in Main Menu
- With TREP and FLEP it is possible to add an extra "Lara's Home" entry to the main menu, kinda like you could select Croft Manor from the Main Menu in TR1-TR3.
But it is also possible with just TRNG, using some scripting. The "Lara's Home" (or whatever you want to call it) can't be selected with the cursor: a hotkey is needed.

TRNG - Level Endings: the Classic Style
- Remember the statistics screen popping up at the end of a level in TR1, TR2 and TR3? Here's how to create such level endings.

TRNG - Motorbike/jeep speedcounter and Drive/Reverse sprites
- If you have troubles with the proper appearance of these sprites.

TRNG - Old Style Loading Screens
- Here's how you can have an image as loading screen for a level.

TRNG - Mirror Rooms

TRNG - Mist Ball Effects
- This is a short tutorial to show how you can add a glowing mist ball to an object, for extra effect.

TRNG - Swapping outfits within a level
- A short but sweat tutorial on how to use the full body mesh swaps properly.

TRNG - Pyrotechnics and Flame Emitter Special Effects
- Some stuff you can do with fire.

TRNG - Script directives
- Special script commands to make the script writing easier.

TRNG - Setting the Number of Secrets

TRNG - Making shadows
- This tutorial shows you how to make semi-transparant shadows for objects, using statics.

TRNG – Some miscellaneous customization with variables for Moveable object slots
- Some customization stuff about the use of MIP slots, the size of the shadow that a moveable casts and the distance at which enemies can detect Lara.

TRNG - Talking to Zip
- This tutorial tells you how you can make Lara talk to Zip through her headset, just like in the TRCVCI levels.

TRNG – Vitality special
- Some things you can do with Lara's vitality as well as the vitality of enemies.

TRNG - Your own NGLE buttons
- Table having NGLE buttons, with customized contents.

Savegame stuff
TRNG - Checkpoints
- You’ll be able to use checkpoint type game savings if you follow the description in this tutorial.

TRNG - Diary feature: Diary + Load + Save in one item
- a tutorial on how to put Diary, Load Game and Save Game options all in one object, like in TREP.

TRNG - Save Game panels
- Tired of the default gamebackground when loading or saving a game? Learn more about the SaveGamePanel here.

TRNG - TR3 Savegame Crystals
- This tutorial shows you how to set up the TR3 style savegame crystals.

Animatings, switches, doors and puzzles
TRNG – Activation and deactivation of moveable objects
- What is activation and deactivation exactly? And which triggers can or have to be used in the old TRLE and in TRNG.

TRNG - Advanced Puzzle with Rolling Balls (Exploding RollingB.)
- This tutorial describes how you can make two rollingballs collide and explode when they hit each other.
- You can create the illusion that something is hidden inside the rollingballs.

TRNG - Changing Object Colours
- Instead of using flipmaps to change the colour of objects we now can change the colour by scripting a Parameter= command and using a flipeffect to activate it. We can also vary colours between bright and dark, like a pulsing effect. In this tutorial we will see how to do that. The ColorRGB= command will be used to create your desired colour.

TRNG - Customized switch sequences
- This tutorial is about setting up multiple switches and only the specific order in which the switches are used will trigger the event.

TRNG - Iron door with wheel switch (TR2-TR5 style)
- This tutorial shows you how to set up a door which has to be opened with a wheelswitch that's attached to the door. Like in TR2 and in TRC, the submarine levels.

TRNG - Lockpicks & Skeleton Keys | Same Square, Multi-Key Doors
- This tutorial shows you how to make Lara open a door with two different items, for example with a key but also with a lock-pick.

TRNG - The Keypad
- This tutorial shows how to use the TR5 keypad as a coded switch in base type levels with the option of on screen instructions being given to the player.

Moving Objects with Scripts and Flipeffects
- With TRNG we now have the power to move statics and moveables with scripts and flipeffects to create some really cool gameplay situations using the PARAMETERS= command.

TRNG - Object position special
- Some conditions and actions that have to do with the position of an object.

TRNG - Placing Special objects
- This tutorial is about placing objects and giving them a new position, like switches and pickups not being in the middle of the tile, parallelbars not being in the middle of the tile, etc.

TRNG - Populating your streets
- Ever noticed how empty a town that Lara is visiting is? Well, here's how you can make it look populated.

TRNG - Pushable Objects
- Stuff about the TRNG features regarding pushables.

TRNG - Quad Bike
- This tutorial shows you how to get a nearly fully working TR3 Quad Bike in your level.

TRNG - Rolling Balls
- Stuff about the TRNG features regarding rolling balls.

TRNG – Rollingball and Spikes special
- Customizations for the rollingball (e.g. rolling speeds), teethspikes (e.g. adjust how fast they go up and down) and joby-spikes (e.g. rotating speed and extension length.

TRNG - Spinning objects on pedestal
- Objects can be made to spin without having to animate them.
- This tutorial teaches you how to make a pickup item spin.

TRNG - Sprinkler
- How to use the sprinkler multiple times and changing the length of the sprikler's effects.

TRNG - The Torch
- Some basic and some more advanced stuff regarding the use of the torch.

TRNG - TRC Bird Switch - Starter Set Up and Tutorial
- Info on how to set up and use the birdswitch from TRC

TRNG - TRC Submarine crowbar pickup
- A tutorial about setting up the TRC crowbar pickup (taking it off a wall) using TestPosition= and Animation= scripting.

TRNG -Turn Switch
- If you want to use the turn switch freely, without the classic TRLE obelisk+hammer setup.

TRNG - Von Croy
- This tutorial is all about Von Croy.

TRNG - Fragmented Triggers
- When you set a trigger in the TRLE/NGLE, it applies to the entire tile. With fragmented triggers you can set the trigger to work in only a specific section of the tile.
In this example, Lara performs an animation as soon as she steps on the trigger sector. This means the pickup animation is performed at the edge of the sector and not at the centre where the pickup object is located.

TRNG - Global Triggers
- A GlobalTrigger is like a CONDITION trigger. It activates if some event happens in the game. It is a way to trigger (activate) a TriggerGroup without placing a trigger sector in your level in NGLE.

TRNG - Hidden triggers (original)
TRNG - Hidden Triggers
- This tutorial is all about the "hidden triggers" in TRNG. "Hidden triggers" are events that can be triggered even when there is not a ready-to-go trigger for it in NGLE.

TRNG - Itemgroup Script Command
- If you have many moveable objects you want to perform the same operation on, you can group the items into an ItemGroup. You then only need to create a single ItemGroup FLIPEFFECT trigger to have that operation performed on all of those objects at the same time..

TRNG - Large Scorpion dropping a pickup
- For some odd reason is a large scorpion not capable of dropping items. This sweet and short tutorial tells you hor to make it possible.

TRNG - Memory Zones

TRNG - Multiple Condition triggers
- Since you can't overlap special triggers you can't place mutiple condition triggers on one tile. Here's where some scripting comes in.

TRNG - New general condition method with variables
- This tutorial is about how to setup condition triggers in those cases where the trigger-triggerer setup does not work.

TRNG - Pickups - Advanced
- Everything about placing pickups in the sarcophacus, and the TRC box, drawer, cupboards and shelves, which are based on the sarciophacus.
- This tutorial also tells you how you can use the different types of the"sarcophacus" in one level, using TestPosition.

TRNG - Re-enable & Disable Pickups
- Native to the TRLE is the ability to pickup ammunition after Lara has used all of a particular type up, with the exception of uzi ammo. For years, players have wanted this very ability for all pickups and it's finally arrived! It even works on Uzi ammo!

TRNG - Script Triggers
- A script trigger is a trigger that is created in NGLE but stored in the script and not placed in a level. Putting a trigger in the script can have advantages over placing the trigger in the map.
This tutorial shows you how to put them in the script.

TRNG - Scripts to Replace Switch, Key and Pickup Triggers
- This tutorial will show you how to create a switch, key or pickup event without the need for in game triggers. This comes in handy for a variety of things.

TRNG - Timed events using the Organizer= Script Command
- When you want to setup a timed sequence of events in your level you can use an Organizer= command in your script.

TRNG - TR2 style secrets
- This tutorial teaches you how to setup the TR2 secret system: find 3 items and get rewarded with inventory items, like ammo and medipacks.

TRNG - Triggers
- Basic info on the new types of triggers that TRNG has, including the fragmented triggers and the grids you can set with them.

TRNG - Vertical Triggers
- If you want to trigger something only when Lara is at a particular height above a sector you can use a vertical trigger.

- A bunch of tutorials dealing with trigger adjustment, identification, working methods, etc.
TRNG – Simulating new trigger structures in the map
TRNG – Trigger activators
TRNG – Trigger adjustment and identification
TRNG – TriggerGroups – how to use them
TRNG - Trigger interactions
TRNG – Trigger working methods
TRNG – Using triggers only once

TRNG – Earthquake special
- Customizing the earthquake effect? Here's how to do it! Also includes some conditions that have to do with earthquakes.

TRNG - How to create a trap using flipmaps
- Use flipmaps to create a trap.

TRNG - Teleporting
- With TRNG you can make Lara instantly teleport from one place to another within the level.

TRNG – Light effects
- Lots of information about different types of light effects.

TRNG - Ocean watersurface reflection tutorial guideline
- This tutorial is about how to make an endless looking oceansurface with a detailed horizon around, instead of distant fog

TRNG - Portable Light System (PLS)
- A tutorial about making a PLS work in two ways: an endless one which can be switched on and off at will and one with a limited burning time.

TRNG - Flashlight
- Want to replace the flare with a flashlight? Here's how to do it.
- This tutorial was posted in the TRForge Adventskalender of 2012. The link takes you to the pages on the TRForge Adventskalender

TRNG – Sky control with variables
- Some things that have to do with the horizon, sky-graphics and lightning. The sky is the limit!

TRNG - Water prints on camera lens
- This tutorial teaches you how to make rain/snow drops and stripes appear on the screen

TRNG - Customizing texts and item coordinates in the inventory
- Not strictly a TRNG tutorial but there is a paragraph with specific TRNG stuff in it.

TRNG - Diary[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Gray]- TRNG diary feature.

TRNG – Font types for WindowsFont
- In here is a list of standard Windows fonts which can be used with the WindowsFont script on all computers.
- The list is a work in progress and is open for change.

TRNG - Text tutorial
- Stuff about printing text(s) on screen

TRNG - A couple of interesting situations with timers
- Things you can do with timers.

TRNG - Countdown Timer
- The default screen timer in TRNG only counts up. But with some triggers you can also make a timer count down.

TRNG - Screen Timers
- A bisic tutorial about on screen timers.

TRNG - Screen timer types
- The difference between the classic timer and the TRNG timer and how to use them.

TRNG - Some examples
- Some examples of what you can do with timers.
  • Assaultcourse - Make Lara say different things depending on how much time it took her to complete the timed run on the assault course.

TRNG – Trap miscellaneous
- Some customization possibilities for some trap slots.

TRNG - TR2 Springboards
- This tutorial teaches you how to setup TR2 style springboards.

Combat strategies
TRNG – Conditions for targeting
- This tutorial is about using targeting conditions, like "if Lara is targeting enemy in this or that way, then make this or that happen".

TRNG - AI Special
- A couple of AI related commands and conditions with which you can modify your enemy's behaviour some more.
TRNG - Changing Enemy Characteristics

TRNG - Enemy Health Bars
- All you need to know to make your own health bars for your enemies.

TRNG – Enemy Jeep customization
- Some customization possibilities for the enemy jeep and the enemy submarine.

TRNG – Some customizations for humans
- Some customizations for human non-playable character: baddy, guide, horseman and Von Croy.

TRNG – Some customizations for monsters
- Some customizations for monsters: mutant, setha, harpy, ahmet, laserhead and hydra.

TRNG – Some customizations for tiny creatures
- Some customizations for wraiths, little beetle and fish-emitter.

Weapons and Ammo
TRNG - Adjust an upper limit for ammo/medipack/flare

Customising Ammo
- With the Customize= command we have the ability to do many things. In this tutorial you will be shown how to customize the ammo of the Grenade gun.

TRNG - Disable/enable Lara's weapons
- Disarm or arm Lara.

TRNG - Dual Magnums
- The goal of this tutorial is to show you how to set up believable dual Magnums in TRNG.
Since we are using the Revolver slot to achieve this, the game will still treat is as one weapon, so Lara will always aim at every enemy with both of her guns, instead of just one, even if the enemy is to the left or right of her.

TRNG – In/on the hands/holsters/back
- This tutorial is about using conditions which have to do with Lara's actual weapon and/or the weapon in/on her hands/holsters/back.

TRNG – Reloading ammo
- This tutorial will show an example for a setup if you want to change clips manually when the ammunition runs out..

TRNG - Shared Ammunition
- I'm sure that at some point you may have wondered if it's possible to have different weapons share the same ammunition. Well, even if you haven't, it's completely possible!

TRNG - Single Pistol & Single Uzi
- This tutorial is about turning the dual pistols and uzis into single guns.

TRNG - Starting a level with another weapon "activated"
- This tutorial is about starting a level with a weapon other than Lara's default dual pistols.

TRNG - Unique Weapon Damage, Triggers, & Effects Based On Enemy Type
- Under some circumstances, you may want to have certain weapons do varying amounts of damage based on the enemy type, like pistols doing double damage to an organic target, while doing none to a metallic target. This tutorial tells you how to do that.

TRNG – Weapon status (lasersight attached, ammo loaded etc.)
TRNG - TR3 Revolver Holster

TRNG – Fog/ambience light color conditions
- Things you can do by using fog and ambience light colour conditions.

TRNG - Fog Distance
- If you want to use distant fog in your levels, here's how to do it. The tutorial shows you different examples on how to set the density and colour of the fog.

TRNG - Weather - the complete tutorial
- Everythigng there is to know about creating weather: sky and horizon, snow and rain, fog, you name it.

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