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The tutorials listed below can only be used if you are creating your level using Dxtre3D.

Dxtre3D - How to fix the underwater bubbles bug in TR2
In this thread i will explain how to fix the bug that can appear in TR2 maps created with Dxtre3D, in which the bubbles emitted by Lara when underwater show as blood.

Dxtre3d - How to avoid the “too many textures in level” crash
The TR1-2 engines have limited textures per level (TR3 has a wider limit, and so far I haven’t reached it). The maximum is around 2048.

Dxtre3D - Using alternate flags + Dragon boss
Alternate flags are a tool that can help with one of TR1/2/3 biggest limitations: you can only have 1 group of alternate rooms activated/deactivated. All the alternate rooms in a level change at the same time!
These flags store the state of an alternate set of rooms, giving the illusion that different alternate groups can be used on a level.
And how to use the Dragon boss in a TR2 level!

Dxtre3D - Setting the lighting in movables, statics and pickups
These are my findings after close to 2 years using Dxtre, in relation to object lighting and how to best use it.

Dxtre3d - Making the Flying Guardians Actually fly (zoning basics)
Here is everything you need to know in order to make the flying guardians ACTUALLY fly and attack Lara instead of strolling around the sky)

Dxtre3d - Tomb Raider III - Modify the secret count for each level.As the title says: Modify the secret count for each level.

Dxtre3D - Converting a Moveable to a StaticMesh
A little and fast tool to convert a TR moveable from a TR3 level file into a StaticMesh.

Dxtre3D - Definitive way to avoid the TR2/1 texture limit
The definitive way to avoid hitting the texture limit in your TR2 custom level, or TR1 level if you are brave enough to make it .

Dxtre3D - How avoid 'duplicated' textures compiling a level.
Many of you must be aware of this problem. As you build your level with the editor, the textures are 'duplicating' or 'multiplying' according to the architecture of each room.
This is because the editor 'duplicates' or 'generates' a new ID part according to the shape of the poly in the room's architecture.
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