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Classic TR Textures
- A package containing all the level textures from TR1, 2, 3 + the Gold (expansion) levels. They are .tga in 64x64 format, no filtering and with the correct transparency color. So they are ready to use.
- Provided by Danath

- This is the complete package of textures formerly hosted on Skribblerz.
- The package contains 128x128 textures of the TR1 - TR5 games, as well as from AoD, TRL, TRA and TRU.
- The package also contains textures from some custom levels that were hosted at Skribblerz.

Guardian of Light Textures
- A package containing all the level textures from the Lara Croft - Guardian of Light game. They are in .tga format, original size.

Custom Textures
Originally Posted by -Brutus- View Post
A year ago I made some animated shield textures, because I was trying to replicate the shields from Halo.
Maybe you guys can find a use for them.

The textures are 128x128 and have 16 frames each. They are tileable and seamless.
Cave textures by Munin Raven:
Syrian cave textures

Water caves textures

External texturesites
- A very very elaborate texture library!

Originally Posted by LeelooBastet View Post
I found brushes that can be used to create cool stuffs like cowebs, cracks and so on...

Here for Photoshop :
Here for Gimp :
A website with all sorts of stuff, like Sprites, Textures, Sounds and 3D Models.

Originally Posted by LeelooBastet View Post
Found this


Spacescape is a free tool for creating space skyboxes with stars and nebulas.
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