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I have trouble with older no CD exes on my Windows 10 (since the big upgrade last year) some just dont open like you're experiencing or some just appear with a CD check!?

Anyway I suggest you get your hands on a gog pctomb5.exe, or a quick Google to find out how to hex edit the most current win10 TR5 patch to be no CD. It's very simple.

I also have to open with Application high DPI and always open as administrator set on the file
properties. File directory must also be set to have "Everyone" security permissions with no restrictions. If you have resolution restrictions when setting up pctomb5, (sometimes it maxes at 1280x720), rename to something else like tomb5.exe and you'll be able to choose bigger resolutions. I dunno why renaming fixes for tr234 aswell.

That's the prerequisits I find work best when reinstalling a classic tr, I coincidentally installed TRC just a few days ago and did all the above. It's running beautifully
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