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Awesome video! And I agree with you: you GET it!

I think the comparison to horror is spot on, although I hadnít thought of that before. I had always thought the isolation and silence of the first game made it an incredible experience, and both of those things *do* come up a lot in horror films and games.

I also like how you put your finger on the gameís great balance of the expected and the unexpected. By the end you know just how and where to move, you can so often see your path ahead (something later perfected with all the transparencies in Unfinished Business), and yet that mummy or gorilla or raptor can still jar you out of the mechanics and cause you to jump in your seat. The fact that Lara Croft cooly dispatches monsters with a backflip and uzis blazing is all the more fun because you, the player, just got scared by a pixelated creature spawning on your screen.

Looking forward to watching more videos of yours.
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