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Originally Posted by Yuna´s Wish View Post
Ugh, Oxide's Time Trials are a pain in the ass. I have completed 11 so far (9 of CTR and 2 of CNK) and I can see myself spending afternoons completing 2 or 3, tops.

Not that I have much else to play though, so I'll take my time
As someone who never played the original game in his life, I can assure I've found the Oxide trials a really nice and fun challenge, and it's what helped me reach my current level.

As for hardest Oxide tracks, I would say Dragon Mines (except if you know how to U-turn - I have 1:24:65 there) and obviously Sewer Speedway due to its still non fixed shortcut. That track becomes ridiculous at a certain point.

Thankfully, CNK tracks are more forgiving, with enough room for mistakes.

So, you platinumed the game already?
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