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Originally Posted by jajay119 View Post
Ok, itís time for this discussion again. I cannot stand Toby Gard he, in my perception, is the epitome of a a hypocritical spoilt child throwing his toys out the prank. He left the series after the first entry supposedly in disagreement with the sexualisation of Lara yet he admits in more than one documentary that he blew Laraís boobs up to the size we knew - her most sexualised exploit and left them that way for a laugh. He then proceeded to return to then weird and make Lara her most sexualised in game she had ever been, he is credited with her redesign in legend by CD. TR is his baby but he left twice voluntarily? I think not.

Also, he is not solely responsible for Lara. Lara was a group effort of Core and without the rest of those members of vote we would have had a male indiana Jones rip off first and a Sarah Connor-Esque Latina chick in the second incarnation before Core had him redesign her into what we now know and now lived her as. Lara spent more time being developed without Toby than with him. There is no spark without fire and thank you for your service to Toby but I cannot sit by and let people talk about him as fin he were solely responsible for Lara because itís completely untrue.
These are the kind of takes as to why I visit and love this site.
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