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Default Attempting to fix some of Legend's texture issues on PC (Next Gen OFF)

I got inspired by ATombRaiderFan's thread about how they fixed King Arthur's double face problem by making the offending textures completely transparent, and have tried 'fixing' similar issues in the game with this same method.

Thread -

Here's what I've manage to fix so far and all these are for Next Gen OFF mode on the PC version.

-- Nishimura's Super Shades --


Shades in all cutscenes have broken reflections that don't reflect correctly but instead display what's behind character's head.


Texture for shades edited to remove lenses which now turns them more into glasses but looks much better than before imo.

-- The Many Faced Yakuza --

Here the offending texture appeared to be for a blonde variant of the Yakuza goons you fight in Japan fighting for dominance over the black haired texture.

Removing this texture's contents and saving it as a blank alpha image sorts this issue.

atombraiderfan has updated the Yakuza fix to correct further issues with texture bleed, which has also fixed the Yakuza looking all the same and like brothers.
Now when installed you'll get all hair colour and style variants as originally intended minus the clean shaved black hair variant.

LateRaider has made a version of these fixes for peeps who use TexMod -

-- Rutland's Missing Portrait --

This cutscene that's before Peru has a moment where it has an awkward close up of a blank screen where James Rutland's bio should be.

I managed to fix this by erasing the part of the texture for Zip's monitors that fills in the 'screen' part of the object, and viola! There he is!

This is all ongoing and very much a crude way of fixing these issues, and there are several other texture flickering problems I've yet to work out a solution too, but at I thought I'd at least share these fixes to let everyone know that it's possible to get this game looking a little better on PC.

If anyone else playing this game notices any more texture goofs or flickering or knows of any other ways to fix things like this, then feel free to post them here.

Let's see what we can do

EDIT: I'm pretty new to this place and still working out how to post images and other stuff on here properly, so bear with :S

EDIT 2 - Here's the link to download my 'fixed' textures as well as the tools I used to unpack and repack the game files. I've also included an install guide to follow just in case anyone get's stuck.


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