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I guess i'm done with the TR5 Dreamcast level loading into OpenTomb tests. I *fixed* (if that's what it should be called) a small bug I created causing some meshes to render with invisible polys or not at all as Lwmte pointed out

The latest fix has allowed me to successfully load TOM.TRC a small test level used for AI with that mini watercraft thingy. Unfortunately JOBY1.TRC has an alteration to the way the textures are stored. I managed to figure this out and can load the whole level file but OpenTomb just freezes and I don't know the cause at the moment. Chances are it's just a slightly unfinished variant of the title screen level anyway.

Still no sound effects support... I don't think it's worth the hassle implementing those. They're Yamaha ADPCM encoded which is different to the standard Microsoft ADPCM. It would require a complete decode then re-encode to Microsoft's ADPCM since that's what OpenTomb's audio system currently supports. Ffmpeg can convert the Dreamcast sound effects thanks to someone who figured this on another forum I had posted a sample on.

If anyone wants to try out the test/final Dreamcast levels from their Dreamcast files they can simply compile this separate test branch for Dreamcast only. It is *hacked* to just load TR5 Dreamcast files since there's no file magic to do any checks. For the test levels you'll have to set DREAMCAST_BETA 1 because the sound map is smaller than that of the final game files. TR5_Dreamcast_Test Branch link

Not much use for OpenTomb itself, but useful for those who might be interested in what exactly changed between the Dreamcast/PC files. Should be VERY easy to make most existing tools support editing/viewing Dreamcast files with this knowledge.


Video: Skip to 4:25 for TOM.TRC!


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