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I hope it isn't too late to post a solution.

The game crashes after that particular cutscene. Before the moment in which Dreamfall crashes, hit the "ESC" button on your keyboard. Go to the "video" menu and change it to "low quality." 2 things should say "high" in video. Change it to low.

If this is done right, the game should properly transition to the next cutscene.

After changing the options to "low" instead of high, change it back to "high" and go back to your regular settings as the next cutscene occurs. This way, you should be able to continue playing the game.

Graphics Quality: low
Video quality: low

The game crashes at the very beginning of the cutscene depending on video settings. Just make sure the settings are changed at the very beginning. A certain effect in the very beginning of the cutscene causes the game to crash, but it is video related.

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