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Originally Posted by Costel View Post
Something like this is never gonna see the light of day. Unless the target is a specific minor niche audience.
Perhaps you misinterpreted, because I was't quite pitching that this be a patch or re-release.
Originally Posted by tomblover View Post
I like the sound of this, generally, except for the unfortunate giving in to the Bury Your Gays trope.
I did't even know about that trope, ad I wouldn't want to rewrite a legitimate plot point to avoid this. Plus, Lara being gay and alive would mitigate this.
Originally Posted by MicheleMouse View Post
It's interesting to see what fans could do with the reboot's foundation. I also have a "project" similar to this, a big document about how I would make this era more likeable for myself (and maybe for some other classic fans?), especially TR 2013. It's very selfish, but it is just another type of fan art, after all.
I hope I can show something from it next year.
I would love to see this.
Originally Posted by Samz View Post
Eh I think maybe the Plantinum pistols are a bit much.

I sorta prefered the just greyer AOD colour scheme. (Or maybe they were ment to be Plantinum in that game I dunno.)
Ok they could be silver. They didn't look OTT in Cradle of Life.
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