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After the main game has finished, the last level would take place in a remade classic Croft Manor and be called Epilogue. The beginning of this level would have a text card saying "Croft Manor, present day" and feature a matured Lara looking to be in her early 30's. This would show that the events of Yamatai was her origin story in full, and not mentioning any years when Yamatai, present day, or how long it's been in between ensures the timeline can be a floating one. Her age should be ambiguous and never change, tbh. This Croft Manor level would be indoors only (to allow further expansion in future games) and have crates everywhere like TR1. There should be about multiple documents with mini show-don't-tell-cutscenes that indicate some of the major pieces of Lara's history, whereby it is always the chronological order that the documents are revealed, no matter what order you pick them up in the game. The events mentioned through documents would be something like:

Swiss Finishing School Diploma
Necklace, gifted by Sam
Endurance ship ticket
Letter of disownment from parents and withdrawal from funds
Travel book publishing deal letter, whereby Lara earned money detailing her exploits over 8 years since Yamatai
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