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Originally Posted by PinkyPromise View Post
No Time to Die 600M WorlWide and it is already TOP 5 of the year. I don't think MGM can complain ...

Luc Besson was interested in directing TR in 1997. But nothing could materialize. He directed "Adele and the Mummy Mystery" which is kind of like a female Indiana Jones. He would have been a great choice.
He has confirmed it was only a rumor on his website at the time.

I have decided to put the video about the AJ movies in two parts for the following reasons :

Since the first part about the first movie last around 1h20 I figured out it will be too much to talk about COL directly after for the audience

Also I need some time to write, research and record and I don't want to rush everything for the sake of releasing quickly a video.

The first part is almost done I think this week the editing will be complete.

I still need to receive the animation etc

So this month the first part is normally released.

The second part will contain (COL production/the legacy of the movies,the conclusion and the credits). It will last I suppose 30min.
Be positive DAMMIT !

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