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Default Can someone help me with a raising Static/Bridge/Floor setup

Hello there!

I'm trying to setup a raising lava in a series of 3 vertical connected rooms as shown in the following picture.

In the bottommost room there is a 13 blocks wide static that is "mocking" the said raising lava behavior. I'm using Parameters and F166 (Move static) and the results are really promising. The static is also set with Burn Lara on collision and Huge collision.

However, I found a nuisance, if I were to make the floor accompany the static I would need to use Dummy triggers (using either twoblock_platform or bridge_flat objects).

Since dummy trigger breaks room's collision if its target object is bellow the floor level, I'd also need to make several intersections and use different objects for each different floor level. On top of that I'd need to synchronize them all to move together with F167, so the player would not break through the dummy floor. This also leads to several fragmented triggers which (at least for me) is a no-go for TRLE/TRNG engine.

In summary, this is a disaster, because I tried it and it involves too much attempt/error, which makes me unsatisfied with this approach. Leading to the question. Can you guys help me with finding another approach? Is there any alternative to this one I mentioned above? Or do you think that I can leave like that and let Lara fall through the fake lava to her doom at the bottom?

Anyway, thank you for your time and for reading this!

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