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I remember getting Legend for my 11th Birthday and to be honest I quite like it and was definitely the one I played the most (I did have all of the classic games but aside from Angel of Darkness I struggled to get very far into any of them).

I can also remember my dad more out of tradition buying me the strategy guide for Legend. I do remember being stuck on the Bolivia puzzle with the seesaw during the first morning I played it before school as I hadn't really seen puzzles that would be solved like that in games before.

Also loved the time trials and return of Croft Manor in this game, plus unlocking all the outfits and extras by getting the rewards.

Also though the storyline involves the dad plotline which in playing the classics recently I don't like this being the foundation of her character now, but at least I feel with this game the Lara in it could plausibly be the same Lara from the classic games in terms of her personality and attitude.

It is definitely quite easy and short though playing it as an adult when I can autopilot through it.

I quite liked Anniversary too - at the time I played it I hadn't completed the original game so I at least got to experience some version of the story and as Yeauxleaux says as the family drama was early days I didn't mind it.

I would also say some areas they did improve on like the Neptune room in St. Francis Folly and the Flame room in Palace Midas but they also made other bits worse - merging The Cistern and Tomb Of Tihocan into one smaller level and the endless corridors. Also though it has a more realistic colour pallette I do prefer the vibrancy of the originals levels, especially the Egyptian levels.

Agree with Underworld as well, I thought Thailand was beautiful in that game and is a standout compared to the other levels by far.

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