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Something's broken with joystick configuration with the new update. It isn't responsive in-game, and if I try to assign anything to the A Button, the game crashes. (XInput controller)

Edit 1 - This is also a strange request, and one I don't think is easily doable, but would you be able to add an option to decrease the amount of Shotgun Shells per pickup? TR:TLR giving you 6 shells a box is a bit much; for the amount you come across, 2 is more than sufficient.

Edit 2 - Lastly, I've just tested The Times Level with the tomb4 project, and no, it is not compatible. The text is all jumbled nonsense, and the intro cutscene crashes the game. If you have a preexisting save and load it, the game seems to work fine, but I only checked for a few seconds.
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