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Originally Posted by Blackmoor View Post
^It might be difficult to land there for some reason?

Accepting that none of us know for certain, what's your view on it, do you think it's something genuinely mysterious or just accidental alignments that look more significant than they are?
They could land on a smoother bit of ground outside the area and then move in on wheels, just like the existing rovers can do.

As for do i think these artefacts, if they are artefacts, are they alien, well there is a lot of evidence going by alignments, geometry and features that tend to make it a possibility that the area was made/sculptured rather then natural. But that's why I want a rover to investigate on the ground to prove it one way or another.

Mars is not the only planet with possible artefacts, as when you look at moon pictures, there is the shard, a one mile high tower, I would love to know if that's a geological feature or not. These are just a few of the mysterious objects spotted from space photographs, that need further investigation.

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