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A bit of time has passed since I last played these games, 4 months to be exact without touching any of the TR games. I am not sure how I feel about them now. My opinion I feel has changed... drastically. I made it my mission to do a complete series playthrough last time, so I have a fresh memory on all the games and movies. I am not sure how I feel about the reboot trilogy anymore... there is a lot of conflict.

My favorite of the trilogy? My answer would be none but the most tolerable? I am not even sure how to answer this one either without going into detail. I like and dislike things about each of them but I think TR2013 was the overall better product. Everytime I give it a go I enjoy it but I feel I do not want to see a game like that ever again, it was a well done one off. The story should've continued the way TR2013 set it out to be and it would have been great but then came Rise... Oh Rise... my opinion on Rise changes every hour. Rise has a lot of plus points over Shadow bc there is no such thing as: Forced walking every 2 minutes (still present and annoying but way less often than shadow and implemented way better), infinite amount of bugs and glitches, outfit restrictions, lame side missions, Helltiti and last but not least the villains were superior to those seen in Shadow. Since Rise had none of that each time I replay it I feel relieved and feel freedom, freedom bc I can use weapons and use any outfit wherever I want, as it should be in a TR game.

Shadow is just a mess... I never feel annoyed now when I see Lara cry bc of Jonah being shot in Rise bc Shadow Lara's crying scenes are way more annoying, out of character and flat out ridiculous for a Tomb Raider game. God I hate those scenes!!! Everytime Shadow comes to my mind instead of having a badass image of Lara emerging from the flames in porvenir as the first thing that comes to mind, first image that inevitably comes to mind instead is Lara crying and moaning at Jonah 2 times... 2 annoying and frustrating times. Hell I'd rather be at hellheim standing in that one hall where the exact same model of thralls just keep spamming instead of having to endure reboot Lara's exaggerated, melodramatic, out of place and annoying crying. It is very disrespectful to the character which makes me lose a lot of enjoyment from the game... not to mention the fact that Lara looks a tiny bit more like Lara but still lacks her Duals and has a mop on her head. Shadow isn't really great... it's a 7/10 game for a series that needs 9/10's. You can't even use any weapons for a very large portion of the game which is a big mistake by the developers, the worst mistake. Today, Shadow is my least favorite of the trilogy for sure.
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