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Originally Posted by MrJavi94 View Post
So, you platinumed the game already?
Not yet I've been playing Castlevania for the last week or so.

But I came back to Crash last night. I completed four more Oxide TT, and now I'm only missing 12 (Dragon Mines is among those)

I'm happy because I was able to complete Tiny Temple's TT. The whole "keeping the blue flame on for 2 laps" had me worried. And then I managed to cross the finishing line 1 second before Oxide!

I'm taking my time with this game. I'm still missing the trophy for Oxide's trials (obviously) and the one for doing all the Crystal Challenges (that I haven't even attempted yet). And that's it.

EDIT: **** yeah! Deep Sea Driving in 2:04:85

8 to go.

EDIT 2: You brought me luck, MrJavi. I couldn't match your awesome Dragon Mines time, but I was 1 second and a half ahead of Oxide and I got the trophy And I just did all the Crystal Challenges, so I got my now 52nd platinum, Woah!

But I'm missing N.Trance. And there are more Grand Prix and new tracks and characters, so I guess I'll have to keep playing...
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