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Same she was my favourite character

If i had to pick 2 powers from the show it would be orbing and freezing time

Originally Posted by Rai View Post
Yes! I have the DVD set. I have been re-watching Series 4.

I got into the series quite late and didn't see many episodes with Pru, so I didn't have any adjusting to do to get used to Paige. It was good to see the first three series to compare.
Yh, before every night i used to watch about 3 episodes from beginning to end. Once you watch it all the way through its really sad at the end.

Plus did anyone else notice that series 1 is about Prue and andy, series 2 is about Piper, leo and dan, and series 3 is about phoebe and cole! and series 4 is about paige strange.
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