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Originally Posted by _Seth View Post
Anyone ever view the TR reddit page? They all just seem to be cucks posting random pictures of either Rise or Shadow with some cringey caption like "It's Tomb Raiding time!" with like 13 echo chambered comments.

It's nice and everything, but very superficial. For all of TRF's problems and as heated as it can get, at least we have actual in-depth discussions of relative substance.
I posted in there yesterday and asked the simple question which was "which iteration of Lara Croft do you prefer?" followed by a picture of CLara, LAULara and RLara. The first comment went something along the lines of "the one with the realistic body proportions" and I just immediately deleted my post. But yeah all those Shadow screenshots are hella annoying.


All the negativity on TRF is 100% the fault of the people over at CD/EM/SE not communicating with fans. Okay, maybe not 100%, but I'd say 70% since the Shadow era was a hot mess.

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