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Originally Posted by lance6439 View Post
I posted in there yesterday and asked the simple question which was "which iteration of Lara Croft do you prefer?" followed by a picture of CLara, LAULara and RLara. The first comment went something along the lines of "the one with the realistic body proportions" and I just immediately deleted my post. But yeah all those Shadow screenshots are hella annoying.


All the negativity on TRF is 100% the fault of the people over at CD/EM/SE not communicating with fans. Okay, maybe not 100%, but I'd say 70% since the Shadow era was a hot mess.
Damn it, if I knew it was that easy to make you people leave.
I prefer that one too.
Now you can leave this forum, bye.
There is a difference between hate speech and speech that you hate.
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