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Originally Posted by Costel View Post
Damn it, if I knew it was that easy to make you people leave.
I prefer that one too.
Now you can leave this forum, bye.
Its stupid because the women I grew up with (I have Dominican and Brazilian in my family) slightly resembled Lara's figure. Which is why I never understood the discussion over her body because they looked normal to me. And still kinda do.

Originally Posted by laracroftswest View Post
The animations here are incredible, as is the accuracy of Lara's character model. It's insane how she nearly looks exactly like her PS2 counterpart (I'm guessing it's a modified version of it), and it really takes the Level Editor feel to a whole new level, as if this PS1 engine got a facelift to look 10 years better. If someone could use these animations and a similar model with such realism, I think the TRLE world would feel extremely refreshed.
this is the best thing ever
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