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Originally Posted by not again! View Post
^^ Oh, good - I'm relieved to hear I did not accidentally waste your time.

Some more feedback and a potential bug report: the option to batch export models is truly a wild luxury after being used to the old time consuming workflows!
Batch exporting Statics seems buggy on my end though: a FBX file for each static object is created, but the files all have 4kb and are seemingly empty when trying to import them into Blender. Everything else (Lara and Moveables) exports fine, I tested with several of the original Core wads.
Thanks, I'll look into it!
I almost finished with the shine. I wanted to ask, if you know, whether tomb editor is also able to import opacity/transparency. I think that the way to do in blender is to use the bsdf shader alpha parameter. For the shine I'm using the roughness (shine = 0 => roughness = max).

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