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Yes, it's possible to import models into Tomb Editor / WadTool with transparency. Vertex colors also import fine into WadTool & Tomb Editor when the model is in either .fbx or .dae* file format.
Both transparency and shine work exactly as you described: by adjusting the Alpha and the Roughness slider of the BSDF shader.

Though as mentioned the Roughness value of the BSDF shader only carries over into the game as shininess when exporting as .obj
When exporting as .fbx (or .dae) the export scripts for those file formats apparently interpret the Roughness setting in a way that doesn't translate into in-game glossiness. None of the BSDF shader sliders that control specularity, sheen and reflectiveness have any effect in game when exporting as anything other than .obj
Transparency on the other hand does work with all three file formats.

* from the file formats that Blender can export without additional plugins OBJ, FBX and COLLADA are the three best supported for import into WadTool / Tomb Editor.

And thank you again for your amazing work!

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