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Originally Posted by jajay119 View Post
As a fan since 1997, I don't mind a more action focus... But just more interesting than we have now. I want to see the more acrobatic, flashy combat mechanics updated for modern day. I don't mind combat as long as it's fun. For example, I didn't mind the combat it Control even though there was a lot of it.

Bullet sponge mercs, crouching behind cover and tedious half baked stealth elements are played to death and boring as hell.
Your suggestions are tempting and that would be the only way for me to accept a more action focused game. I just don't want exploration to take a back sit, a lot of games have hours of shooting in a linear and non interactive environment and I don't want TR to take this boring direction.
Especially if the next game is the first of an era and probably be the most successful of it. Some people should stop with this argument that action and shooting = only way to success. Legend and TR2013 was getting the most attention mainly because they were fresh and new.
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