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So I'm relatively new to using FLEP, only started using it since moving over to TE. I can't seem to get FLEP working with the latest patches.flp. I can see all of the reverb options, but tomb4.exe isn't updated when I modify it. For example, as a test, I unchecked a previously modified OCB for a Smoke Emitter, and nothing changes in-game. If I go back to the old patches.flp that doesn't include Reverb, it works just fine.

*EDIT* Okay I think I figured it out, the new tomb4.exe wasn't working properly (no idea why), it seems to be working after redownloading it.

Now I just need to figure out how to get reverb to work. I'm using Caesum's reverb settings but I can't notice any difference in the game...

*EDIT2* which I now got working after re-downloading Caesum's patches.bin haha. Just give it time, right?

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