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I do not know why people got so worked up about that. It was the Konami merch store, outright stating they were teasing an incoming merch drop, and people went nuts thinking it was a game? They sell Metal Gear merch too, guess that means Metal Gear is coming back y'all! Then there was the whole Abandoned situation where people were harassing this small indie dev team convinced it was Kojima reviving Silent Hills, even when they stated multiple times they had no affiliation with Kojima, Konami, or Silent Hill. Eventually the head of the team had to make a video showing who he was just to convince people they really were just this small team making their own game. I've said it many times before but Kojima would have made an awful Silent Hill game, PT wasn't even that good, I'll never understand why people poop themselves over it to this day. The mans the least subtle creator in the industry and you want him to make a game for a series that's all about being subtle? It's not happening now and would have been terrible anyway, move on!
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