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Originally Posted by fallenangle View Post
I'm always surprised to read these things about the PC versions of the TR games.

I've played them all PS, DC on original PAL DC (TR4/5) and PC and much as I love my still fully working DC I'd go for the PC versions every time. PC 1280x1024, best you get on the DC is 480p and that's only if you have a VGA adapter.

A few graphical enhancements that were not translated to the PC versions; I can live with that and until I read posts from people talking about these differences I would not have even known they were an issue. You wouldn't without direct comparison.

High resolutions and classic TRs don't go together for me. TR -like any old game- looks horrible in high resolution. Classics TRs were meant to be played in old analog crt TVs wich they really contributed to make the game look better. The low resolution hid the lack of polygons and details. Another thing is darkness and contrast, TR games in console were always very dark, this apply for the PS1 even more, dreamcast not too much, CORE made it that way to add athmosphere (tombs are supossed to be kinda dark after all) thats why they also put flares, in the PC version all that is gone, I remember never using a single flare when I replayed them all in PC, you see with clarity in every corner each detail, each texture is exposed, add to that the high resolution and definition that modern PC/LCD outputs and you have all the original visual as was intended ruined. Of course thats only my opinion and taste, if you think that higher resolution is always better I can see why but is not always the case, for me PC gaming was **** up until 2010, nearly every game that was developed for consoles and ported to PC were butchered in graphics, GTA San Andreas is best example, Angel of Darkness got its cinematic butchered too.I'sd stick always with the original experience, I discovered that recently, thanks to emulators and filters I even started to enjoy again playing old classic games from the 16 bit era. That's why I play on low resolution emulator with filters.

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