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20 - Known causes of game crashes.

Does your level crash when you are playing/testing it? Does it crash when you try to load it from the menu?

A game can crash due to several causes, depending on when it crashes.

Below are a few of possible crashes. Many of these possible crash solutions were taken from *** Skribblerz Tutorials ***

- Your level is randomly crashing in game.

1/ One possible cause is having objects lost in cyber space. Check the Error text file in the TRLE root folder. If it says objects are in a room but they're not in that room, it means you have bounded a room (cut it down in size) while there were objects in the deleted part of the room. The editor unfortunately doens't bin these objects from the level, it loses them, and they cause random crashing. The only fix I know is to go back to a previously saved PRJ file before you bounded the problem room and rebuild from there.


2/ Another cause could be that you have placed too many objects in the level. At the bottom of the LE screen you can see how many objects you have placed, although static objects don't seem to be counted they do matter! It says that the max number of objects can be 256. This isn't so: you need to stop at around 246. This is needed because animating objects need that extra 'space' somehow.
As Piega pointed out, the above only counts for animating objects. So the number of animating objects can be no more than 246. But beware: doors, the number of rooms and the numbers of lights also count for a number too! I dont know exactly the number but you can place more than 2000 static ones

- Your level crashes when you try to load it from the menu
1/Make sure that Lara is placed in your level! This might sound obvious but you really don't want to know how often this actually happens! (I'm also speaking of myself here!

2/ It can also crash at loading when the level has become too large, especially when you have many rooms with lots of broken triangles.

-Your level crashes randomly but mainly when you step on triggers that worked okay before
This can be caused by having used too many different textures in your level. Not only TGA set textures but also the amount of WAD textures counts. The more textures you use the more memory the game needs and the engine has its limits.
The only solution in this case is to reduce the amount of different textures (so use a smaller TGA set). Or split the level somehow.

*** more to follow ***

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