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21 - Fast, out of control, spinning LE in 3D view

This problem occurs when you run the LE under WindowsXP, but it also depends on the speed of your computer.
It can be fixed by changing some XP settings.

1/ Go to Controlpanel/System/Advanced
2/ from the Advanced window go to the first option: Performance and click the Settings button.
3/ Click Advanced and check the Backgroundservices box of the first option, Processor use.
4/ Click Apply and close Controlpanel.

The LE should stop spinning now.
This new setting can slow the computer down a lot, depending on which programs you run so it is best to return to the original settings after having used the LE.

Originally posted by Tony the Loon:
I was able to try the above suggestion, but I figured out another way to access those settings because, I don’t have a “system” icon in my control panel. So, in case anyone else is reading this, here’s how I accessed those settings on my version of WinXP:
1/ Click on “Start”.
2/ Right-click on “My Computer”.
3/ Choose “Properties” from the menu.
4/ Click on the “Advanced” tab in the system properties window that just came up.
5/ Click “Settings” under performance.
6/ Click the “Advanced” tab in the newly opened performance options window.
7/ Under processor scheduling, check the button next to “Background Services”. Now click “Apply”, “Ok”, close those windows and try the LE again.

Originally posted by QRS:
And don't forget the old trick of right clicking while using the arrows etc. It feels a bit strange first, but it helps a lot on fast computers (especially with fast graphics cards!)

Originally posted by Tony the Loon:
As long as I hold down the right-click in the white space outside the room, and I don't rotate the room under the mouse cursor, this trick works great.

Note 1:
I (Titak) have a Dutch version of XP so I don't know if the English names will be exactly the same as the above translations.

Note 2: LE might still react very fast to a slight touch of a key after having changed the settings. This seems to depend on the CPU speed of your computer.

Slowing down your computer - CPU Grabber
A very usefull little program can now be donloaded to slow down your computer temporarily while running the LevelEditor and older games: CPU Grabber.
Many thanks to BeciMester for posting a link to this program!

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