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Originally Posted by na_th_an View Post
Any chances that you include the glide-enabled DosBOX and the glide-enabled EXEs as an option in your package? That way people will be able to run the game in full resolution and with no slowdowns in weaker PCs.
but have you actually ever tried the installer yourself?
because as for glide enabling, it's as enabled as can be and has always been from the first draft
slowdowns in older machines imho has nothing to do with any glide-enabled dosbox or exes whatsoever,
anyway what dosbox build are you using or thinking of?
ykhwong's ones, maybe? those are good, but you see personally making an installer utility I'm inclined to use official releases as much as possible vs. svn or cvs builds, especially when the glide patch itself is really maintained by gulikoza
that's why I'm waiting for him to come up with a 0.74 release of his patch to match the current dosbox version

at any rate, I'm very interested in knowing what you have found (compared if possible with the installer) which in your experience is worth of consideration especially about the resolution enhancements and how you'd go about it since afaik gulikoza's latest dll requires a commandline argument to make it.
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