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I understand your reasons, It's good practice to always use official releases.

I was wondering 'cause you said that 640x480 was the maximum "true" resolution for TR1 and that it would be upscaled (or so I understood) to fit the desktop resolution. In the build I've used, you can use true full resolution. As all the output is translated directly from Glide to pure hardware OpenGL or Direct3D calls, there's no time spent on rendering by software, so the game will perform way better on slower PCs.

I have to admit I haven't used your solution. I will when I get home next week Honestly, I didn't know that your installer included the Glide enabled versions. I just thought it hadn't due to what you said about not being able to raise the resolution to a value higher than 640x480, so I assumed you were using the normal, software rendering EXEs which are pretty much CPU-dependent to run smoothly

The build I use (which you can find in the post I've linked before in this thread) runs "out of the box". You unzip the build, run it, and from there you install TR and then overwrite the TOMB.EXE or TOMBUB.EXE for the 3dfx versions (found in the very same post). When you run TOMB.EXE, it just works. You can configure the resolution from the DosBox window menu and switch to full screen at will. That way I just told the emulator to output the glide screen to 1440x900 in 32 bit, fullscreen and it worked.

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