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I made a few comparing tests between
1) dosbox installer v1.6
2) the manual install w/slightly different dosbox setup you quoted
3) Glidos v1.40
and finally being on x86 Vista
4) the dgVoodoo installer, just to leave no wrapper unturned

now focusing on #2 you proposed:

those exes you mentioned won't allow the extra psx tracks to be played, but that can be arranged replacing them with the ad hoc versions I used (actually, only TRI is at stake here since TRUB has no addon tracks) so no problem

the disturbing issue of gaps among textures, which so often plagues dgVoodoo and at times dosbox too, has returned there, while it's hopefully nothing but a far memory using v1.6, at least it sure is for me
to see what I'm talking about:

finally the resolution.. I guess you know when you talk about 1440x900 fullscreen (I assume it's the same 17" display I have before me at this moment) either you like stretched images (I dislike them) or it's got to be pillarboxed keeping aspect ratio, i.e. original 4:3 for TRI which 1440x900 obviously isn't
the latter is WXGA+, the former has got to be VGA or a multiple thereof
so that XGA is the best we can get using this 17" screen, correct?

after thorough (I hope) comparison of the 4 wrapper solutions I talked about at the beginning, tbh I see no special difference or limitation affecting 1.6 installer
dgVoodoo for instance lets you nicely customize your gamma and screen resolution as shown here:

yet the bottom line is it's much the same to me

hence atm I just see no pros and if anything a few minor cons of going about changing the installer.
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