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Originally Posted by Caesum View Post
Already tried that, but it doesn't work anyway. It seems that is DosBox or DirectX-related problem, because when I've tried to configure na_th_an's version I've met the same issue.
(btw weren't you once on x64 iirc and had you not found the fmv fix useful back then or is my memory at fault here? did you get back to x86?)

well, you know the patched/unpatched dilemma boils down to directx (dosbox's but not my installer's default) vs. windib (my installer's vs. dosbox)

I guess it's less a matter of cpu architecture (32 vs. 64bit) than it is of os version since gulikoza himself always favors windib with Vista as opposed to WinXP
and apparently of gfx adaptor brand and even generation/series, like GeForce 8XXX vs. 9XXX

I know of reports about GF9800GT
read here:

afaict it's not clear whether setting
machine=vgaonly (previously =vga)
as opposed to current default as machine=svga_s3 does any good.
Here my 8600M GS sure is fine with windib.
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