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Default freezing issue

I have win 7 64 and the game freezes when you start a new level. It gives the stats for completed level then you get a shot a lara head and nothing moves. You can do stuff and hear the results like draw guns, I found a tricky work around that requires you to save the game by memory and then loading it again by memory. I press menu button,down,action,right,action,down(to new slot)action. Esc twice menu,down,action,action. You have to do this blind so practice in the middle of a level to get it down pat
After finishing qualapec The scene with larson froze at the beginning. I could hear all the dialog. When they finished I assume the stat screen came up. I hit action and the screen went blank. I hit esc and was able to play the folly. I installed the patch and was able to watch the beginning FMV including the trek to the andes.As much as I want to play TR I'm not sure its worth not being able to watch the cut scenes.

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