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Originally Posted by Carbonek_0051 View Post
Sounds like a cheap copy and isn't Japanese enough.
Well if that was really what you thought I'd respect that and your opinion but as it stands you've just proved how lame you are that you can't let an arguement that wasn't even directed at you go. Looks like you're just dying to carry on the arguement which we were supposed to leave in the previous thread. Well I have better was to spend my time so I'm afraid I won't be doing that.

Originally Posted by DgoOdz94 View Post
So excited for the HD collection! I WANT! .__. Not sure about Downpour. Might do more research into it as I have not heard/looked at much from it.

Also any more news on the new film?
I wish that the HD collection was coming out for PS Vita or PC as I'm looking at spending 40ish on those original games just to get them! I think that we won't hear much about the film for a good few months as it seems it has been put on a back burner !

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