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25 - Tutorials

Except form the stuff posted in this thread there are a lot of other TR related websites which have posted usefull information and tutorials.

Here are a few:

- Skribblerz - TRLE Tutorials
Find all sorts of tutorials on many different subjects here!

- Tomb Raider Library
Here you can find a good and elaborate manual on how to use Metaseqouia and how to import the object you have created into your wad using Strpix, for texturing.

- TR Search Engine
Different tutorials on different subjects.

- Lara's Home forums
Bojrkraider has made a tutorial on how to make cutscenes. The tutorial is in the second post of the thread.

- I'm sure there are more. Please PM me in case you find a good tutorial page somewhere. I'll then add it to this list.

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