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26 - Tomb Raider Engine Patcher (TREP)

This is a most wonderfull addition to the large range of tools currently available for the custom level community.
This wonderfull program allows you to modify the tomb4.exe.

The author, Pyuaumch, has been working hard to add new stuff to this program for the past few years.
However, progress has stopped at the moment.
You can find the latest version of the program and the add-on programs/modules on the Tomb Raider 4.5 Engine Patcher(TREP) website.
You can also find a good Users Guide on there!

Using HEX values
Some values, like the colours for the health bars and such, require HEX or HTML codes instead of numeric or RGB values.

Some paintprograms will not only show RGB values but also HTML values.
Use the colour selecting tool and select the colour you want to use for the bars. RGB values should show up but also HTML. For example: magenta has R,G,B=255,0,255. The HTML equivalent is FF00FF.
But don't worry if your paintprogram can't do this: Zac found a RGB Hex Colour Chart which lists a good number of colours.

Numeric - HEX
The other values, for example enemie HP values, use HEX values. You can easily convert decimal numbers into HEX values using the Calculator on you computer:
Start->Programs->Accessories and choose Calculator. Then, select "View" drop-down menu item, and choose "Scientific" option. Make sure "Dec" mode is turned on, and enter DECIMAL number you want . For example you want the dog to be killed with 10 pistol shots. Enter 10 and then select "Hex" mode, and you will see that Calculator will automatically convert decimal value into hexadecimal. In this case, you should see "A" value. So, to set dog's HP to 10, type "0A" in corresponding textbox in TREP.

Hope you don't mind me adding this to this post Titia.
It is a must for level builders and is a patch for extending memory for both texture and vertex information, so you no longer have to worry about too many textures on objects or rooms.

In Paolones's words (the author):
Patch for tom2pc.exe allows to handle until to 30 pages of textures in wad files without crash.
Tomb4 patch extends memory for geometry world (vertex of rooms and statics) from 4 MB to 32Mb.

Want to know more about this patcher and the other available patches?
Patches for LE

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