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27 - Starting a game with the crowbar already in the inventory

It is possible to have Lara start a game with the crowbar already in her inventory so you won't have to place it in the level anymore!

Originally posted by Mulf.

The solution is simple but not very widely known, so I thought the subject may deserve its own thread. Also, I want to add some credits for the discovery and a cautionary note as well.

The solution is: Enable "DemoDisc" in the general options of the script. That is all. When you run the game with the new script, the crowbar will be in Lara's inventory from the start and thus does not need to be picked up.
This script command was apparently used for the TR4 demo level The Lost Library, in which the crowbar does not appear as a pickup but is already part of the inventory (since Desert Railroad).

As far as I know, this is the only effect of the command DemoDisc= ENABLED, but it hasn't been tested thoroughly, so you should be careful when you use it; there may be some unwelcome effects, tooŚlike not being able to load the next level, for example (since the command was used for a single level).

Credits for this discovery go to Dark Death of the Levelbase. I noticed that in his level "Peaceful City", the crowbar was part of the inventory from the start, and when I asked him just how he did that he replied he had no idea at all. However, after some inquiry into the matter, he found out that after experimenting with the various script commands, he had accidentally left the DemoDisc= ENABLED command in the script for this level. All credits for this discovery therefore should rightfully be his.
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