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Default character controller

Hi all! I make a character controller and try difference ways. Now I use faster way - static position fixing by ghost object (capsule shape). Convex sweep test for capsule is too slow but not for sphere. Convex sweep test (sphere shape) is used for eliminating tunneling effect in high characters speed cases. May be shakes while moving I will try to fix it .
1) Room mesh normals calculates like in all other meshes (more smooth picture).
2) If floor slant more than 30 deg, Lara sly down (this time without animation change).
3) Now I render full mesh with glDrawElements - it is much faster than glDrawArrays for every polygon. But may be glitches with skyboxes. I have no one on my PC, but some people say about "bad skyboxes".
4) You can choose objects by RMB (right mouse button) and switch it's animations by "q" and "e" buttons.
P.S. Sorry for slow progress, some deals in work and dissertation and TR 2013 is too interest
Thanks to Lwmte for animation control fixing!!!
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