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Originally Posted by A_De View Post
OMG! Can't wait to try this new method, i have so many objects to convert to wad. But i never used blender before, hope it's not too hard to understand
It's not that hard. The tutorials will have most of the things needed covered. Only importing stuff might have some differences depending object and format etc.

Originally Posted by matrix54 View Post
Believe me, I have no plans on attempting anything like that. I'm just thinking of all the possibilities.

Originally Posted by Xopax View Post
Sorry, but it's possible to use 3DS Max instead of Blender in this new technique?
Technically yes, but the scripts that make it work are tied into Blender. The texture converting (baking) part should be possible in 3ds Max but I have no earlier experience on baking textures in 3ds max so I can't shed light on that part much. The part that needs to be done in Blender isn't that long or too complicated for this method!

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