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This project is amazing, I agree with many people here. It could replace the TR4 engine with many new features.
I'm so delighted to see so many people working on the modding community. With the new engines, the new Tomb Editor... All of this will bring so much more possibilities to the TRLE world

Originally Posted by HD86 View Post
The current TR game is what makes this community exists. If the source code becomes available, we will have a plethora of new TR games as many people will try to build their own versions of the game. The community will splinter because many will be playing different games.

Anyway, I am of course not against upgrading the game so that it remains compatible with new systems. Technical improvements are welcome as long as they don't change the gameplay.
Tomb Raider 5 was built on the same old grid system, it wouldn't make sense to change the gameplay to something modern
I think that the main goal here is to keep the same game, just more compatible with modern hardware
Though, If the code becomes available and we are able to add graphical features and gameplay changes, I think we could find a balance between old and modern. Let me explain myself :
We have to keep the easy way of building thanks to the grid system, for people who don't want to learn c++ or game design to build on newer engines such as Unreal engine. Plus, it will be even easier for people to edit wads and objects with the new editor.
BUT we can find a way to make the gameplay more fluid while keeping it adapted to the grid system.
And Core Design had the right idea when building Anniversary Edition : they imported TR1 maps, modified them graphically, but kept the grid-based system for the jumps and so on while having way more responsive controls.
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