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Originally Posted by Joey79100 View Post
Anew thread will probably be cleaner, mods don't rename threads 24 hours after their creation anyway.

I haven't tested your patch but next time I play TR2 I'll use it for sure, I just love the idea that the changes are native instead of using wrappers and everything. I love the whole project.
Thank you! I still have aces in the hole to surprise you. In the meantime, I'm preparing a large article with illustrations for a new thread dedicated to the patch itself.
Originally Posted by VictorXD View Post
Another suggestion: vibration support for controllers. Not sure if this will work but doesn't hurt to ask right?
Yes, but in very low priority.
Originally Posted by Kirishima View Post
This is something i'm wondering, is it possible to change this:
I'm speaking of when things are blown up, they have no lighting and end up appearing super bright. This didn't happen in the ps1 beta.
Yes, will be fixed.
Originally Posted by Caesum View Post
Only FMVs don't work yet.
Work in progress. I do not want just a good workaround, I want the excellent solution.
Originally Posted by Kirishima View Post
Is it just me, or does the Exploding Lara cheat no longer work. I tried doing it to entertain myself after multiple failed attempt at doing a certain corner glitch in The Deck. Instead of exploding, it registered the skip level cheat instead, which I thought you had to pull a flare out for that.
Originally Posted by Caesum View Post
^ Yup, same here. Also when you do the TR1 all weapons cheat Lara explodes, but her body still stays intact.
Indeed! Thank you. Just fixed the code, binary will be released later.
Originally Posted by annl View Post
Arsunt, is it possible to add the HD font from the mobile release? It isnít included in the HD texture pack. Apparently, the font is in the exe.
Yes, it will be done. I have already prepared for this a stunning updated logic for processing and rendering text, including with support for Unicode and many many different languages and fonts. I just need time to implement things right.
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