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Originally Posted by Danath View Post
Downloaded object wads from there have to be converted to the .TR4 level format before they can be opened with TRViewer. That is done with TRLE, but i don't know fully well how that is done yet.

If you have TRLE installed :

1. Add the objects you downloaded into any TRLE wad (for example the Tutorial wad) using Wadmerger.

2. Use the Level Converter Tool (Tom2PC Tool) to generate a TR4 file. Simply open that level's file in the Wad folder and click 'Build'. You don't need to use the Level Editor itself.

3. Your TR4 data file will appear in the data folder. Now use TRViewer like you normally do

Originally Posted by Danath View Post
That's way easier.
That's quite a lot of work - certainly not easier!

Downloading TRLE will save your bandwidth (and time) instead of downloading new levels every time you need an object.
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