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A few more things

- I love walking on the streets and having people gush over Spider-Man.
However, one lady said ďPretend Iím a bad guy!Ē
Uhhhh.. donít think I canít read between those lines, I wonít kink shame tho..

- The sedans are all the same and it bothers me. I feel there shouldíve been at least 3 different sedans. It just feels very limited, like this is a PS2 game. I know I know, Iím Spider-Man.. Iím not spending a huge amount of time on the street like this is GTA, nor do I expect 300 different vehicles like this is GTA, but it just takes me out of the immersion when Iíve stopped the same sedan with bad guys in it for the 6th time. Maybe as I expand on the story the bad guys will drive more vehicles, like pick ups or trucks..

- I LOVE finding the real life landmark locations of NYC! Iím like ďOH THATS TIMES SQUARE!Ē The most fun I had was when I found Federal Hall and I had a mini freak out as all I could think of was the ending of MGS2. ďOH MY GOD I FOUGHT SOLIDUS SNAKE HERE. And this is where he died! W H O AĒ
I canít imagine how Iíd react ACTUALLY being there.. I love the locations.
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