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Originally Posted by Ellioft View Post
As a member of an official fansite I'm baffled by the lack of communication we all have experienced since the release... Even when you send them a mail usually they answered. But this time, we have been ignored many times.

I'm the first at being excited for something but for this era I think they give up once the game was released...
Officially, there was a Season pass with 7 DLCs announced - this is what was officially promised, and this is what was delivered.

I think you should look at this from a different perspective. I understand that, as a big TR fan, you're really excited to see what's next - so am I. But you already should understand whatever comes next, wasn't planned and it takes time to be made. Also, they don't own us anything because they have delivered what they've promoted - and that was the 7 DLCs. People need to learn to be patient. This is likely one of the reasons why they're not as open as we wanted - because people act way too entitled sometimes.

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