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Originally Posted by tomee View Post
The devs would go silent for an entire year after announcing TReboot in 2011 and Rise in 2014. We literally had nothing. Since you joined only in 2017, you didn't experience this, but trust me Morrigan is actually communicating to us much much more than Meagan did. If anything, communication has been more fluid than ever since TRU. I'm happy with the job Morrigan has done so far.

Personally I just accepted that it's coming when it's ready. I'm struggling to understand what's with the rush and the overly demanding attitude.
Ah I see I've heard a different story but maybe I'm wrong.
From what official site are you ?

But I understand the frustration or the disapointment. But now all we have to do is waiting and hoping they bring us the big guns for the 25th Anniversary
There's a place even Lara Croft wouldn't dare to adventure and it's called TRF

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