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LOL I knew it. I mean, it was pretty obvious

look at the dislikes

I can't wait to see people justify this as the price of adopting a long term service approach, acting like co-op is something new, delayed content is great and all of this is more than enough to justify this model.

Sure, you might say "but ehi if rich spoiled kids have money to burn just let them. Look at Fortnite", well to that I say: yes, some rich people will spend more money than we would have for normal story expansions, but the paywall for the outfits is there for all the players... and on top of that, the free story content could have been there at launch.

They're putting paywalls on stuff, and also, by purposely extending the lifecycle of the game with the periodic content, they're extending the timespan in which people will spend money on outfits and stuff.

EDIT oh wow they fell for it LOL
On-and-off done with Tomb Raider until the next teaser drops.

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