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Originally Posted by Legends View Post
Black Widow has everything Lara is supposed to have. Side flips, back flips, rolling (!!), duals, basically everything. They did Tomb Raider dirty and gave Black Widow all of Lara's moves and told us that the tech "just isn't there yet" for duals in the reboot. Are you kidding me with this bs Crystal? I'm sick of their lies. The problem wasn't the technology, but them not wanting to it for some stupid reason. It looks like they used the Legend engine for Black Widow, just an upgraded version of it. They just switched out Lara for Black Widow.

Also, the game actually looks so underwhelming. There is just so many things with it that just doesn't look right.

Probably because they can't make the avengers a mass market cover shooter.
"What does it mean to be a Tomb Raider?,It means to collect artifacts for sport"

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